Minnesota law maintains that both parents are legally obligated to financially support a child. A judge can order a parent to make child support payments to ensure both parents are involved in supporting the child financially. Many issues can trigger a child support case, including divorce, custody battles, financial issues, and other family law issues. At Martine Law, a Minneapolis child support lawyer can help you make the right decisions for your family by supporting you through your child support case. Call Martine Law in Minneapolis today.

Minnesota Child Support Laws

A child support case is started when a custodial parent or legal guardian of a minor child asks the court to mandate child support. This process can also be triggered automatically In Minneapolis by the Hennepin County’s attorney’s office when an unmarried parent receives public assistance.

Once the process is initiated, an order for child support is mandated to protect the best interests of children and ensure their wellbeing. Child support enforcement is strict, and failure to adhere to child support obligations can result in losing your driving privileges and facing criminal charges and financial penalties.

Our Minneapolis child support lawyers can ensure your rights are protected, and justice is done in your child support case.

Minnesota Child Support Expedited Process

Federal law allows some child support cases to be expedited. Your case may qualify for expedited processing if:

You could also qualify for the expedited process if you’re trying to establish, modify or enforce a child support order. The qualified child support lawyers at Martine Law can help determine if you qualify for an expedited process.

How Child Support Payments Are Calculated in Minnesota

In Minnesota, the court-ordered child support amount will include three parts:

  • Basic support— housing, clothing, food, transportation, and other necessities for the child
  • Medical support—medical and dental insurance costs
  • Child care support—payments for childcare/daycare costs

Courts use information about the parent’s gross monthly income, the number of children, and the cost of raising a child to calculate child support payments. If parents choose not to cooperate by failing to provide detailed information about their finances, the courts can continue to make a child support order ruling, which may not be in your favor.

You can use the state’s Child Support Calculator to determine how much you may be entitled to receive.

Why Hire Child Support Attorneys in Minneapolis, MN

Our attorneys are prepared to back you up in court if the other parent fails to pay child support.

Here’s what a Minneapolis child support attorney can do for you:

  • Help modify or change existing child support orders
  • Help collect unpaid child support
  • Help with child support implementation
  • Help negotiate child support payments

Most of all, family law attorneys help Minnesota residents protect their rights in child support cases and ensure a fair resolution to the case.

Martine Law: Helping You Find the Best Solution for Your Family

At Martine Law, you can find a child support lawyer to help you find the best solution for your family needs. We provide legal services to protect your family when you need it most. Our practice areas include family law matters like:

Our law firm serves clients throughout Minneapolis, MN, and surrounding areas. By taking advantage of our free initial consultation with a child support lawyer, you’ll have access to quality legal advice to help you make the best decisions for your family.

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