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Our Recent Criminal Law Case Results

Our Recent Family Law Case Results

Successfully reduced child support arrears
Helped remove a child from unsafe living conditions and return custody to mother
Favorable custody and parenting time including sole legal and sole physical custody
Removed parenting time from other unsafe parent

What Our Clients Say

“I got into a lot of trouble a few years back. Xavier Martine was fantastic, both inside the courtroom and out. He kept me out of jail and allowed me a path to get my life back on track.”

Tyler Z.

“From the moment I called Martine Law, I was given strength and guidance through a criminal case I thought was going to put me behind bars for a very long time. Instead, this firm stuck with me and guided me to an outcome I am so grateful for. My attorney stayed on top of it all, keeping me updated, and was always quick to get things done for my case. Now, I'm not behind locked doors but home and with my family.”

Shawn S.

“The Martine Law team was absolutely amazing, companionate & caring with my divorce. I didn’t feel like I was alone and always had support from someone who knew the system. I am looking forward to being a happy father spending quality time with my daughters, and I plan to share my happiest moments with them. Attorney Rhiley O’Rourke gave me hope, and if you’re a father who loves his children, she has my full and complete recommendation.”

Matthew S.

“Xavier and his team are always on top of their cases, working hard to get more information and keeping you up to date on your situation. His diverse experience in different areas of law allows him to really attack the legality of your case and give the best option to moving forward in the legal process. I really appreciate his dedication to fairness in the way the law is applied.”

Collin D.

“After I hired Xavier, the amount of stress and doubt I had been carrying was immediately gone. Right from the start, the way he gathered the information from my ongoing custody case and finding out what my goals were was incredibly prompt. The way he went about my case and battled for me to get what I wanted was awesome. He fought for me and worked with me to finally get time with my son and things are going well now with my custody situation and we are starting to go from super contested to viable co-parenting now.”

Mark D.

Whether you need a criminal defense lawyer or a family law attorney, you can trust Martine Law to fight tooth and nail for the best possible outcome for your case.

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