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Labor Day weekend is around the corner. This often means fun, family, and freedom to get away for one last weekend this summer. Unfortunately, this also means increased DWI patrols and drunk driving arrests. By the end of Labor Day weekend, Minnesota law enforcement will have made over 15,000 DWI arrests so far in 2020.

Martine Law knows the serious consequences individuals face when arrested for driving while intoxicated. On its own, a DWI conviction can bring about criminal penalties that include jail time, suspended driver’s license, steep fines, community service, and more. However, when someone is accused of DWI causing great bodily harm or death, it becomes far more serious.

Being found guilty on DWI charges may not only cost you in terms of money and your freedom, it can also harm your reputation and put your career or future employment opportunities in jeopardy.

If you have been charged with a DWI, contact Martine Law for quality and aggressive legal representation.

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